April 2022

Time has flown by since I transitioned to UX / tech. After many outreaches through email and social platforms from folks who want to follow some of my footsteps, I recognize that I haven’t provided an update since roughly 2018.

The FAQ guide below is meant to answer many of the repeat questions that I receive from past and ongoing outreaches, especially from allied healthcare providers looking to make a change.

Although I wish I could scale and talk to everyone who reaches out, I don’t have capacity for brain picking sessions at this time. I’ll be sure to share any updates if or when I have that availability open.

How did you make the transition?

Take a look at my media links.

Do you regret making the change?

No, I don’t! If anything, it’s enhanced my quality of life.

What’s your workday like now?

No two days are ever the same. I recommend searching for “day in the life” of UX practitioners to get a sense for the general activities and tasks that take place on a day to day.

Do you experience imposter syndrome?

It’s pretty common for everyone to experience imposter syndrome, no matter their career or years of experience. There are many resources online to assess and address any “symptoms.”

I’m so burned out, help?

I’m not a mental healthcare provider and therefore don’t provide services. What I recommend is getting in touch immediately with a provider for support, if you haven’t already.

Other things that can be helpful from a coaching perspective is to take an inventory of what you think is burning you out, as well as consider some actionable near-term and long-term solutions that you’ll commit to. Find an accountability buddy if you struggle with sticking to your plan.

Should I leave healthcare for tech?

I’m unable to answer that for you. That’s a major life decision to explore and experiment with, similar to any other major life decision.

Should I go to a bootcamp? Go back for another degree? DIY?